Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lets get back to it

I know, I know. It has been an unacceptable amount of time since I have written. Getting back to school has been great and this weekend I experienced my first taste of crispy weather in months. yum.

Before posted their Fall trend report, I had been crafting a list of my own essentials for the upcoming season (basically since fashion month since March...I know I'm insane). The items I decided were vital were not just trendy-one-season-forgettable, but pieces I felt could be worn until the seams start to fray or dye beings to fade.

I am going to do this sort of as an on going guide, mainly because there is just too much for me to cover in one post and I feel like I can break this up into styles versus specific pieces.


1. Grey Denim- I am a firm believer that one can never own too many jeans, mainly because if I said everyone should just own one pair of really great jeans I would be a terrible liar considering my stash is creeping towards 25ish pairs. Non-blue denim is an awesome way to wear a classic and comfortable  staple while incorporating new hues into your wardrobe.

Grey is such a wonderfully safe and chic basic, plus you can get away with wearing your denim shirt from this season without pulling a farmers tuxedo. I'm a huge fan of MiH jeans, here is their awesome Breathless jean in grey:


2. Camel- THE color for fall. It's just so yummy (I think more of eating caramel things than eating a camel when I say yummy, but when you see this color done right, you just want to eat it...well I do at least..but I'm please ignore this.) I love the warmth of this color and it works for all pieces. Try to add one piece of the shade into your fall line-up. How about a great chunky knit like this one from Alexander Wang?

See what I mean by complete and utter yummy-ness?

3. Blouses- From my previous post, you can probably get the idea that a silk blouse was a chart topper for me, but I feared that the perfect one would be either nonexistent (picky doesn't begin to describe my shopping process and very often the items I crave simply do not exist for the season) or just completely insanely expensive (not even put $20 bucks away a week doable). Well of course the super duper amazing unaffordable one is out there by my favorite Stella McCartney, but I lucked out with a Rag & Bone tunic that I tailored into a shirt.

 mmmm...Stella perfection. 

A great place to find said shirt is your local Goodwill, SalvA, or consignment shop. There are so many left over from the last decade that have found their way into these stores. It is equally amazing and dangerous.