Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sprinklings of Summer

First, Happy Fathers Day!

Today is the first day where I have been home the entire day and it's quite glorious. I finally unpacked the last duffel of clothes that I packed in...May...and have begun to bring my closet to a semi-organized state.I've been working full-time along with attempting to maintain a semblance of a social life. I may be tired, but things have been going well.

There has been a bonus to my job, which I was unaware of upon interviewing. My boss has asked me to join her on many of her buying trips for Resort 2011. I've been lucky enough to see the clothes straight from days after their debut only to be in store this December.

Last week we went to Stella McCartney. I have never seen floral prints so beautifully executed in clothing in my life. Here is just a taste of what appeared on racks and racks of gorgeous apparel


I was asked to assist her again with buying at....Chloe. (Breathe in, breathe out) Upon being asked my knees turned to a Jell-O like state and some saliva might have dribbled onto the floor. Excited doesn't begin to describe how I feel about this. aldfkj;ladfadf.

In other news, I finally snatched up not one, but two pairs of sandals that meet my requirements. After a failed net-a-porter attempt (too small, way too uncomfortable), I headed over to Cole Haan with little hope in my search for decent footwear. 
Well, I found 'em. The classic leather company has a new line called Cole, Rood & Haan which is based off of the original designs of the company. The leathers are more raw and apparently all the shoes are handmade.

I picked up the "Kisser" sandal in Fatigue. It's light-weight and keeps my feet super secure without any trendy embellishments.

Photo: Cole Haan

And then...I walked into Joan Shepp...where they were having a huge sale...on shoes. Great. Well, I ended up picking up another pair of sandals after realizing the deal was too good to pass up and the fact that a girl can never own too many shoes. It should be a rule that when one finds a pair of K. Jaques sandals on sale, they must buy them.

 Photo: Joan Shepp
I liked these because they have the double strap on the toe along with a tie around the ankle, basically ensuring that my foot wont be going anywhere. These are known to mold to your foot and last forever. I can deal with that. 

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My New Ad(d)ress(e)

I am currently being serenaded by the lyrical and sweet burst of sports-induced screams of my father and brother as they watch Philadelphia's NHL team, the Flyers, take a stab at winning the Stanley Cup. I'll just say that everything is quite tense in the apartment right now and I probably shouldn't make any sudden movements because we are losing by 2. (Update: my brother left after we were down by 3 in the third period...all is safe now)

While they bite their nails down to the cuticle, I will attempt to update y'alls on my life. Things have definitely changed around here, which is the source of my blogging hiatus. In the past month I have moved out of the house I grew up in on the Main Line to a fantastic apartment in Center City where the view into the Kimmel Center couldn't be better. I have also started to work full-time at a seriously amazing boutique chock-full of the designer clothes I drool over come fashion week on (think Lanvin, Derek Lam, Nina get the idea). Here are some of the pieces in the store that I've had trouble parting with upon their sale:

This unreal Lanvin/Acne confection. It's the perfect collaborative piece. Not only does it beautifully display the super-feminine details and flattering cut Alber has down to a science, but the fabric is a fantastic light-weight denim which Acne rules at creating. Sigh.

Photo: Jerome C. Rousseau
My mouth begins to water when I walk in the store each morning to great the day...and these insane Jerome C. Rousseau pumps. They are surreal. People are quite terrified and confused when they pick these up, mainly because there are no ankle straps and there is a large metal toe barrier. You would thing these could qualify as the worlds most uncomfortable shoes, but that would be false. They are quite comfortable considering the front bit contains your toes and adds balance. So the fact that these are equally practical and gorgeous has me sold.

I get it. Tie-dye is big for S/S '10, but after seeing so many of those Proenza long-sleeved tops on every celebrity and editor, I needed some refreshing. This Lela Rose frock may display the trendy technique, but I find it completely timeless. Lela's shapes are classic and made for the everyday woman. I'm bitter because this dress is now on sale, and....we just sold my size. Tear.
Within my first week of work, the store was ranked as one of the top ten places to shop for designer  apparel in the WORLD by USA Today. I'm surrounded by the creations I adore and able to work with really special clients, along with the greatest bosses (they are not aware that I write this blog, so I ain't no brown-noser). The store is the manifestation of all my shopping philosophies aka the focus is superb customer service and attention.

We (me, my co-worker, bosses) are completely aware of the prices in our store, but also completely aware of the talent and genius of the designers we carry. It is our job to make sure the customers can appreciate these clothes as much as we do, so educating them about the labels is key for their shopping experience. Supplying anything (drinks, ordering food, alterations, shipping, special orders) is standard along with making shopping fun and personal.

I could probably go on forever raving about my workplace, but I need to talk about food. With moving into a new place comes tons of take-out. Luckily, Philadelphia has awesome food. I'm completely overwhelmed at this point because I want to try everything, but also keep eating the fantastic dishes I've discovered over the past weeks. I'll start with my current obsession: Pumpkin.

My first taste of the South Street gem was a beet salad my mom brought home after a tired day at work. It was a no-frill salad, just the basic spring mix, beets, goat cheese, and onions, but oh my lord was it fresh and delicious.

Pumpkin prides itself in using locally grown and organic ingredients which truly transforms a basic dish a superb plate. I went to pick up a bite for dinner and decided I should check this place out for myself. This is not a one stop shop. There are 3 Pumpkins. Yes, that's right, there are 3 places to enjoy the flavors of Chef Ian Maroney within a block of each other. There is Pumpkin Market where you can pick up cottage cheese fresh from the farm or their house cured pickles. Pumpkin Cafe is where you will find (me drooling over) affordable and awesome plates ready to eat in the small seating area or grab them to take back to your table.

The other night I had a complete Spongebob moment with their Vegan Bean Burger at the Cafe.

You get the idea.

I haven't had the pleasure (yet!) to go to Pumpkin Restaurant, the trifecta's fancy cousin. This one changes its menu daily and can feature items such as Bluefin Tuna Crudo with avocado, pine nuts, and baby beets. The menu is more expensive, but I am sure it's completely worth it considering the amazing quality of the less expensive digs.

The staff is incredibly friendly and they trust their customers. For example, I ordered an iced coffee at the Cafe, but they didn't have any. I paid for it there and they suggested I run across the street to the Market and they would make it for me. I crossed 16th to the other side, and without asking any questions the guy behind the counter made me the beverage and didn't doubt for a moment that I was pulling some trick to get a free drink.

Before I pass out (long week of work + full day at the Roots Picnic= endless exhaustion), if you are in the Center City area on Wednesday, June 9th stop by 1706 Locust from 4-8 to check out the store (it's called Adresse) for our "What to Wear with White" event featuring jewelery from Egan Day Jewelery!