Saturday, January 16, 2010

You've been invited to a Sugarhi!

It's a double post sort of day!

Today I woke up bright and early to go to the SugarHabit sale. Two of my favorite stores, Third Street Habit and Sugarcube, paired up for a mega sale. Everything was 50-90% off. I went with my brother's girlfriend who is a New York bred sample sale savvy shopper. The sale started at 10, but when we got there (around 9:45am) there was already a line. Every woman seemed to be on a mission and within moments the once organized warehouse was a zoo. I should have brought my camera, but considering the dressing room was literally a large room with about 5 mirrors where hoards of women were stripping and ferociously trying on their finds, it would have been violating to say the least. There were racks and racks of my favorite contemporary brands ranging from Current/Elliot, APC, Isabel Marant, Rory Beca, and more. Plus there were three racks devoted to vintage...and it was all $10. Despite the discounts, most items were still $100+, which doesn't fit into my college budget.  I tried a ton of stuff on and left happily with two items.

I bought a vintage blue and white striped silk button-up and...harem pants. I know, I pants? They were very well priced and since they are made from cotton jersey, they drape quite well. Recently my purchases have been about challenging myself and diversifying my wardrobe. Here is a little outfit I put together with my new digs (Unfortunately because I do not own a tripod or have a personal photographer on call, my mirror will have to do):

 I think my Topshop heels work with this outfit and the hardware contrasts nicely with the softness of the shirt and pants. Can spring come now?

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