Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This little pet peeve of mine. I'm gonna let it shine.

Somehow, no matter how careful I think I am trying to tiptoe around and grip those little flipflops, I manage to ruin my nails EVERY SINGLE TIME I get them done (at least I got a nice color). Only when I'm not shelling out my precious-always-wasted-on-college-textbook dollars and paint my nails myself does perfection occur. Blarg. That was my little Main Line born-and-raised rant that probably made me come off as some overprivledged snot. I would take a picture of my toe to aid my argument, but do you really want to look at my feet? Probably not. ANYWAY.

Let's talk about Scott Shuman.He is the genius behind my favorite street style blog and has such impeccable taste, also he is a Conde Nasty which puts him way up in my book. His eye for detail is like whoa and makes me appreciate the intricacies of suiting. I knew absolutely nothing about men's dressing beyond my torturing my brother about his lack of style until I started paying attention to the Sartorialist. His images capture style in it's purest moments, many times it's just a simple outfit, but one detail or piece will send it to another level. Here are some examples/my favorites:


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In Summer 2008, In my admiration for Shuman's images and need for drawing practice I began to sketch his photographs. I'll pick an image based on the clothes, toning, body position, really whatever stands out or what I'm in the mood for. I usually draw in ballpoint pen, but sometimes I'll use pencil. My style is inaccurate, I don't really go for overall precision; I like unevenness.  Ps. A scanner would have helped, but these will just have to do.

This was my first drawing, I think I was trying to do a blind contour.


I've been working on some more, and will definitely post them. My goal is to do one or two a week, not only to keep up my drawing, but to practice toning, composition, and remember some of Scott Shuman's best.

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