Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sprinklings of Summer

First, Happy Fathers Day!

Today is the first day where I have been home the entire day and it's quite glorious. I finally unpacked the last duffel of clothes that I packed in...May...and have begun to bring my closet to a semi-organized state.I've been working full-time along with attempting to maintain a semblance of a social life. I may be tired, but things have been going well.

There has been a bonus to my job, which I was unaware of upon interviewing. My boss has asked me to join her on many of her buying trips for Resort 2011. I've been lucky enough to see the clothes straight from days after their debut only to be in store this December.

Last week we went to Stella McCartney. I have never seen floral prints so beautifully executed in clothing in my life. Here is just a taste of what appeared on racks and racks of gorgeous apparel


I was asked to assist her again with buying at....Chloe. (Breathe in, breathe out) Upon being asked my knees turned to a Jell-O like state and some saliva might have dribbled onto the floor. Excited doesn't begin to describe how I feel about this. aldfkj;ladfadf.

In other news, I finally snatched up not one, but two pairs of sandals that meet my requirements. After a failed net-a-porter attempt (too small, way too uncomfortable), I headed over to Cole Haan with little hope in my search for decent footwear. 
Well, I found 'em. The classic leather company has a new line called Cole, Rood & Haan which is based off of the original designs of the company. The leathers are more raw and apparently all the shoes are handmade.

I picked up the "Kisser" sandal in Fatigue. It's light-weight and keeps my feet super secure without any trendy embellishments.

Photo: Cole Haan

And then...I walked into Joan Shepp...where they were having a huge sale...on shoes. Great. Well, I ended up picking up another pair of sandals after realizing the deal was too good to pass up and the fact that a girl can never own too many shoes. It should be a rule that when one finds a pair of K. Jaques sandals on sale, they must buy them.

 Photo: Joan Shepp
I liked these because they have the double strap on the toe along with a tie around the ankle, basically ensuring that my foot wont be going anywhere. These are known to mold to your foot and last forever. I can deal with that. 

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