Saturday, April 24, 2010

You Can't Sandal the Truth

I think one of the things I love about magazines, fashion publications specifically, is their focus on wordplay. At this point, I feel like every adage or term has been torn apart and mashed back together so it's relevant to platform heels or unisex clothing.One of the best parts of looking at is their little puns. You cannot escape a slide show without seeing "Halston's slash dance" or "Knotty but nice at Vionnet." They are generally lighthearted, but its always cute. Hence, the title of this post is intentionally cheesy and practice for my  (hopeful) future career

ANYWAY. I'm taking a break right now from doing research on Rothko's use of space as subject matter for an overwhelming/impossible/kill-me-now paper I need to get done so I can maintain some level of sanity.

The following occurs every single summer, and I do not know how to overcome this, so I am asking (BEGGING) for your help. Look at this pug. I am this pug. I want to stop making this face.

Okay, so I have major issues with sandals. I have never been able to find a pair that 1) like, 2) can afford, 3) don't result in falling arches, and most importantly 4) are comfortable. Summer is when I'm outdoors the most and walking around all the time, so why is the shoe associated with this season so sucky? Think about it, sandals rarely have any arch support or traction, and if you want any sort of cushioning you are looking at a pair of orthopedic Teva's....not so cute.


So this is a cry for help. Have you found the perfect sandal? Are they cute? Are they comfy? Is he gettin’ you Mike n Ikes? Oh, you like Mike n Ikes? Is he hefty? Is he comin’ back?


  1. I feel your pain Maddie. You know what I've gone and done - revert back to my hippie grunge days. I went and bought a pair of black Birkenstock Arizonas. I couldn't handle the pain of crappy sandals anymore. I walk at least five miles a day - in the summer it's more.

    I figured the Birks were so ugly I wouldn't run the risk of anyone else having them unless I was at Hemp Fest. The ladies sure check out my feet when I wear them - most likely in disbelief. So until YSL comes out with something as comfy I'll have to keep on defending and justifying.

  2. I don't know you, as I am just a random blogger who happened to stumble onto your site.. but.. I have asked myself this question MANY times.

    I end up wearing flip-flops all summer and they are totally uncomfortable and not so good. If you find an answer to this question let me know!