Saturday, December 19, 2009

Blogophopic No More!

Herro Prease. It is currently a blizzard here, I think we are supposed to get something like 15 inches of fresh powder (yes. I referred to snow as powder. I have been living with 11 snowboarding obsessed boys for the past 4 months, I guess they have rubbed off on me.) Thank the baby Jesus I was able to fly home yesterday. I'm not sure if I currently have the emotional capacity to spend another day in my dorm eating Aramark food.

Growing up I always envied my brother and other college friends for their, what seemed like, incredibly and unnecessarily long breaks, now I couldn't understand more. I survived my first semester at college, it wasn't easy, but I learned a ton about myself. Now I am home for 5 GLORIOUS WEEKS and I have made it my mission to start and run this blog (ehhh ayyy ayyy ehh ay ehhh, gonna run this blog tonight...oh god finals week has really taken a toll on me.)

I read a bunch of fashion blogs and want to incorporate my favorite parts into mine. Hopefully, if this whole blog project goes as planned I will post opinions, projects, inspiration, photography, food, dressup, reviews (kept to a minimum, I leave that to, my vintage collection, and everything else I love.

Writing a blog seems overwhelming. There are so many things I want to post that I have developed some sort of blogophobia, but I'm going to do this!

Today I woke up bright and early, ready to go to one of my favorite Philadelphia events: The Punk Rock Flea Market, only to realize that the odds of me getting back home were slim due to the pooey weather. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to leave my house without crawling on the sidewalks to move 5 feet. Since I was up I decided to be somewhat productive and start a sewing project. My mom has a mild obsession with Japan and their sewing culture, which I, too, have developed a taste for. Whenever we go to NYC not only is a stop at Takashimaya imperative, but at this one Japanese bookstore where we pick up some great craft magazines and project books. One of which is this book about recycling t-shirts, sweatshirts, button up shirts, ties, and scarves.

^ This is the cover/the dress I'm attempting to make. There is a minor issue. I cannot read or understand Japanese so I'm relying on diagrams for instructions, which calls for some brain power and patience, most of which I expended during finals. It will be interesting how this turns out.

Here are some more projects from the book. Clearly I anything I attempt to replicate will not be nearly as cool looking as their version, but it's something to do with the ridiculous amount of large and unworn t-shirts commemorating the crazy time I had at Dan's Bar Mitzvah. I will post pictures when I'm done, but now I am going to enjoy the unknown and potentially hilariously horrible SJP movie "Spinning into Butter" with my dad and eat copious amounts of chocolate chips and peanut butter.

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