Monday, December 21, 2009

No More Rollin With the Homies.

Firstly, I must give credit to my gal pal Sophy for the title of this post. I was out at the Punk Rock Flea Market yesterday (I'll get to that soon) when I got a facebook notification that read "TAI DIED, WHAT WILL TRAVIS BIRKENSTOCK DO NOW" I was really surprised to find out that Brittney Murphy died. Besides Cluless (which is my favorite movie of all time) I didn't really see any of her other films or know much about her, regardless it's sad and will change that movie for me.

Now to the flea market. Overall I'm so happy I was able to make it, despite the foot and a half of snow on the ground. I was able to see some good friends and some great vintage. Getting there wasn't easy, after a 30 minute late R5 into the city, walking in the unplowed and unshoveled sidewalks made for boots filled to the brim with snow and frozen toes. Because of the weather the venue wasn't ridiculously crowded as it usually is and made digging through boxes and scouring racks a manageable experience. My mission wasn't holiday gifts, I had a goal to find a dress for New Years, a sweater, a skirt, a necklace, and maybe a pair of earrings (there is a seller who makes this fantastic leather earrings, see below, but I didn't see her table there this time). After much searching and price haggling I ended up with 4 great pieces and only spent $30.

I picked up these earrings two summers ago at the PRFM, so light and colorful!

I promise I will put up pictures of me actually wearing these things, but at this point I refuse to take mirror shots, my myspace days are long gone...see I tried.

I didn't end up getting the dress or any jewelry, but I got the following:
This awesome floral dress, probably from the 90's. It reminded me a lot of a dress my mom would wear in the summers we spent in Chautauqua, NY.

 Worn with Frye lace-ups, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, and a vintage necklace.

The print also reminded me of Marc Jacobs Resort 2010 bird print dresses, I guess its the contrast of the bright floral against the black.

 Vintage Jersey and Vintage pins.

I love this football jersey so much. I saw it when I first walked in and was about to buy it, but I wasn't sure if it was what I wanted. At the end I went back and bought it and am so happy it was still there. Its a pretty versatile piece and the colors are fantastic.

Vintage Sweater, Vintage Skirt, Vintage Chains, and Nine West Shoes. 
The first thing I picked up was this beaded sweater. Yes, it is slightly repulsive, but to a point where I had to buy it and will wear the crap out of it. It drapes nicely and has a great drop sleeve. I was apprehensive to buy any skirts because I wasn't able to really try anything on, but when I saw this I didn't care. The fabric is awesome and it is the only piece of animal print I own and I'm stopping my collection there.

Today I woke up and kicked myself for not posting yesterday, but I was out of the house literally the entire day and didn't have a moment between flea-marketing, being force fed by loving Jewish mothers, and socializing. I went and got a manicure (much needed after 4 months of college induced neglect) and tried out OPI's "Here Today…. Aragon Tomorrow." I love love love it. Its super dark, making it a perfect winter shade and it's not overwhelmingly green.

Took a picture, not only to show off my nails, but to show off this amazing cocktail ring my incredibly talented friend Michael made for me.

Tomorrow my mom and I are making a day trip up to NYC to check out some holiday windows, go to a museum or two, eat good food, and shop of course.

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