Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hoarders everywhere, do not read this, this only helps your cause.

The moment I walked in my house to commence my long awaited spring break my nose turned into a faucet. I have a terrible cold and cannot go out due to what looks like monsoon season on the Main Line. I'm pretty sure Cancun doesn't get better than this.

Being stuck inside and preparing for a move (my parents sold the house we've called home for the past 20 years) has left me digging through boxes of forgotten middle school binders and old sketchbooks.

It amazes me how relevancy changes so quickly. What I mean is, what I considered important seven years ago (ahem Valentine cards from 5th grade and Muffy dolls) has little or no place in my life right now. As I stuff them into a big trash bag without much regard, am I making a mistake?

This is even harder when it comes to making room in my closet. I probably have close to fifteen sparkly Michael Stars one-size-fits-all shirts that were a must have item in 7th grade, that may still fit me, but don't work with my current personal aesthetic. The Juicy Couture terry sweatpants that I begged my mother for in middle school now function as pajamas rather than a status symbol. The hardest to part with are designer items that no longer fit. I have this beautiful white cotton Diane von Furstenberg button-up shirt who's size zero tag stares me in the face. The size of this piece is certainly no longer relevant to me, although I teeter on the 2-4-6 scale, I have a connection with it.

Furthermore, regardless if an item is designer or not, holding on is okay. I'm happy my dad held onto his monogram sweater from his adolescence and my mom kept her cutoffs from the 70's. So, to a certain extent, I don't agree with the mantra "If you haven't worn it in the last year, toss it." If an item has sentimental value keep it, but only with thoughtful consideration.


  1. I know exactly what you mean - I'm a hoarder straight to the core. My mom would have me go through my closet and drawers every year to 'get rid off' any and all clothes that didn't fit/weren't getting worn/worn to shreds, but there were always items that I couldn't part with, even knowing that they would remain on a hanger. When its a designer piece since you think to yourself "Its vintage at this point!" therefore you should keep it, if only because its accumulating value via its history.

    But its always the sentimental items that are hardest to part with. So many memories become associated with these objects that viewing them is almost like reliving those moments. Right now, anything I find that's related to my grandparents I can't possibly give up, no matter how silly it might seem to others. This weekend I found my grandfather's old wallet. No money inside (not that I would expect it), but he had a picture of my grandmother from when they first met and a few cards - including his Bloomingdales credit card. I'm keeping that card no matter what.

  2. Spring cleaning!

    My Mom just gave me my 'School Days Book' with all my report cards, pics, locks of hair (?), cards etc. Why is my math notebook from Grade 2 in there? I'm hanging onto the sketchbooks.

    Hang on to the designer stuff. Fold it though because the hangers will ruin it over time. It'll be 20 years before you can sell it for anything worthwhile but 20 years goes very fast - unfortunately.