Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I really need it to be spring. kthxbai

I can't handle this New England weather anymore. Yesterday it was 43 degrees out. I was so elated I wore shorts most of the day, yes I am insane. Today, what is the weather?....SNOW. This is a cruel joke. If the doesn't let me down, it should be warming up for the rest of the week, warming up meaning low 40's, but I can finally start wearing spring-ish things.

My mom gave me this MM6 Martin Margiela tank last year and I didn't ever wear it, but right now I cant wait. It is a dual function piece: it can be worn as a shirt or as a tote bag:

MM6 Tank
zipper detail 

It hangs well off my shoulders and is slightly cropped. The wide neck and armholes allow for a bandeau or tank to peak through without looking like a tramp. The zipper detail makes it more than just a black tank, it's a simple addition, but makes this top special.

This jacket is my newest favorite. I picked it up a couple weeks ago at a consignment shop in Providence when I was visiting the RISD museum and my friend who goes there. I wasn't in the market to buy anything, but when I saw this piece and its price tag, I couldn't resist:

Plaid Wool Coat 
 Coat Detail
I was ready to give up plaid after seeing an overloaded season of the print, but I feel like this is a trend-less piece. The shape is simple and the details don't overwhelm the print. Another plus is that it is 100% wool and lined.
I should probably get back to reading about Mark Rothko considering I have a presentation this Saturday at RISD on one of his works. So. Ready. For. Spring. Break. 

Also, rewatching the greatest show of my tweens:


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