Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Front Row woes

"I loved Thom Browne, especially the groovy new eyewear, but the shows this season were full of teen/tween bloggers. I feel like they are trying to nudge me out of my front-row seat. Luckily, I have a plan for next season. Since they are all about my height, I am going to impersonate one of them. I am going to wear a doily on my head (Tavi!) and tell everyone I am a teen blogger. If they ask why I am so wrinkled, I will tell them that I have progeria."
-Simon Doonan


  1. That's a great coat. You'll have that for years. Even Christian Dior said to buy little but make sure what you buy is good.

    You know, I didn't know one was invited to those shows until this year when I heard about designers paying 'personalities'. For someone who's been in the industry for 25 years you'd think I would've learned to pay more attention to that stuff. Mind you I also insulted Andrew Marc (whose ads I had in my locker in high school) right to his face not knowing it was him. Quite comedic actually.

    Try and ignore all that blown out of proportion fashion shmashion stuff it'll just make you mad. Style and good taste is all that matters.

  2. agreed. with you and bijou living... don't let "fashion" week tell you what to wear - always go with your gut. Love the coat! Enjoy it!