Thursday, March 4, 2010

Music I like that you should listen to

Every March I seem to get into the phase where I spend a lot of time looking for new bands that I haven't listened to/heard of. Like clockwork, I'm prowling many myspaces and pitchfork reviews.

When I was in NYC a couple weekends ago I went to see Neon Indian along with some other bands at Market Hotel in Brooklyn. The concert was wonderfully sweaty, insanely rowdy, and I felt like I chain-smoked a good 4 packs of American Spirits. Aka it was great. Before Neon Indian came on at 2am, there were two bands that stuck out to me: Beach Fossils and Teengirl Fantasy.

Teengirl Fantasy- This video is like iTunes visualizer had a child with Windows 98, but a nice chill song.

Beach Fossils

If a surfer picked up a guitar and jumped on the stage at a Pains of Being Pure at Heart concert you would get something a little like Beach Fossils, minus the female vocals part. I'm pretty sure I was at this concert too, if only you could see me being smothered by sweaty leather jackets and sandwiched between the edge of the stage and audience.

The other night my friend Mike, who has a fantastic radio show on WVKR (Vassar's radio station) at 12 AM on Fridays called CuddleFest!, sent me a song by this band. I was in the middle of reading The Artists Reality by Mark Rothko and didn't really want to take the time to play the song, but I'm so happy I did. According to my iTunes I have listened to "Morgan" 7 times today. Really fun and good music. go listen. And if you are in Providence they are playing a show with Beach Fossils this upcoming Monday!

Also, ITS THURSDAY, meaning its almost the weekend and one day closer to srping break. ahhh.
Natasa only scrapes the surface of my excitement. 

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