Wednesday, July 7, 2010

He reminded me

Karl, why you gotta do me like that? After a not so stellar crochet-infested-disco-suede-orgy that was Resort '11 for Chanel, I was a little upset with my favorite German. All is good now. Holy Couture.

Season after season, Chanel couture never ceases to amaze because it defines how couture fits into today's industry. Yes, it is beyond expensive and completely unaffordable for 99% of humans (unless you have over $90k to drop on a suit), however, it functions as a trend palette. Karl manages to create the ultimate fashion luxuries that most definitely dictate RTW trends while utilizing the craft and skill of couture dress-making.

I feel Chanel is at it's best when it is ultra-luxe aka couture and the most recent collection eloquently exudes opulence. He featured heavy fabrics and treatments like thick upholstery-grade tweeds along with frocks armored in sequins to portray a real sense of weight. This weight along with the exaggerated pleats, hemlines, and shoulders can only be a constant reminder to the wearer and viewers that these clothes are not to be forgotten.

To further intensify the gravitational pull, stacks of bulky bangles adorned the wrists of models and the amazing mid-calf boots were reminiscent of slouchy paper bags.

I highly recommend viewing the entire collection over at, but I shall continue posting my favorites from this drool-inducing collection...

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