Saturday, July 10, 2010

In Brief

Even to this day, my father asks me each week, with enthusiasm on par with a day camper hopped up on pixie sticks,  "DO YOU KNOW WHAT TUESDAY IS?!"
 I've learned to read this trick and know that this excitement is not only fabricated for the moment and to catch me off guard, but out of sheer stupidity. The answer is, "Its trash day." Yep.

I consider Monday and Wednesday with the same regard, except my enthusiasm is not geared to irk my child, rather to see the new arrivals on Net-A-Porter. See, it's a little dumb, but somewhat valid. ANYWAY, I came across the ultimate novelty.

I give you: Stella McCartney Knickers of the Week

Image: Net-A-Porter
For $195 you can have achingly adorable black cotton briefs delicately embroidered with each day of the week in every shade of Easter. God forbid you forget what day trash day falls on, just look at your crotch! I find these...actually cute. I never saw the point of referring to your nether regions for the date, but when Stella McCartney does could I not love it? When you purchase this crotch-calender these briefs don't just come in a regular box...oh the horror...they come in a mini bureau.
Image: Net-A-Porter
It's the thoughtful packaging like this which almost has me at check out. I love when designers, or any product for that matter, take the extra step to make the consumer feel like they are buying something special.

Another example is shoe designer Charlotte Olympia.

Photos: Luisa Via Roma

First, her shoes are brilliant. Unlike anything on the market right now and she is a product design genius. Apparently, when you purchase a pair of her whimsical sky-high heels included in the box is a matching pair of  tights bearing her spiderweb signature. The moment I read that, I wanted her shoes. Not just because they are gorgeous, but I want them because you get free tights. Obviously they are not free, but its just something special, something that says "hey girlfriend! I know these shoes cost you half your paycheck, so here is something extra! You deserve it!"

In a consumer market where we so often buy for the sake of trends rather than quality, it's details like these that we are missing out on. When fashion moves so fast, it's impossible for brands to include details of craftsmanship or originality, but things are slowing down. I wrote about it months ago, and the print media is writing about it now. Slow fashion is happening. It's moments like these, when thoughtfulness occurs, that we can once again appreciate fashion for what it should be: a display of art, talent, and creativity.

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