Monday, July 5, 2010

Trend Watch: Hey there fashion

After viewing the Resort collections, I realized this whole sock and sandal thing is real. The Teen Vogue novelty I considered it back in 2004 has seeped into a notable amount of designers collections and I'm a little worried. If you don't follow fashion week as religiously (and completely insanely) as I do, I'll show you what I'm talking about.

 Image: Blogofbad
 Yeah. It's fashion now. Here's some proof:

Rebecca Taylor

Alexander Wang

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I am fully aware that many trends among runway shows never make it into our closet,s let alone stores, because they cannot translate into consumer-friendly goods, however, I have an itch with this one. Because this trend is the simple marriage of socks and shoes...with a twist, and has a magazine editorial history, I feel it will filter into the masses. 

The Cut, one of my favorite fashion news blogs, already has already assembled a slide-show of their favorite sandal and sock combos and claims "we're head over (cutely socked) heels." Also, I've noticed the wonderfully and playfully styled J. Crew catalogs have featured this for months. So, it's been around, and with appearances in many runway collections, it will only become more visible.
Don't get me wrong, new trends excite me. I often find myself uncomfortable at first, but after a few months (or moments) my eyes adjust and I could be embracing the new idea. This one bothers me from the start and I just don't think it's going to be pretty. Let me explain myself. 

First, there is the issue that socks change how shoes fit. Will this cause a slew of women to buy shoes in larger sizes just so they can embrace the trend? Or, will certain designers make shoes special for sock pairing, thus rendering the footwear unwearable without socks? Or am I just really over thinking this? 

Next, I just don't think it's flattering. Socks cause a choppy effect. What I mean is it further divides one's outfit, which leads to strange proportions and a jarring silhouette. It's one of those trends that looks decent on the fashionable uber-tall (aka models-off-duty), yet would look absolutely horrific on me, since I only reach the height of 5' 4".  

Most importantly, SANDALS (sorry I just need to shout a little) were invented to keep feet cool and uncovered in hot weather, also to show off a nice pedicure. It defeats the very function of this season specific footwear. My feet are already sweaty and gross just at the thought of wearing my Wolford ankle socks with any sandal. 

Here is the other side. I love that designers are exploring the function of not only footwear, but everything. It completely challenges how we dress and look at fashion. It gives the consumer freedom and comfort to go back into our wardrobes and experiment.

If anything, try this in the privacy of your wardrobe and dance around to Jason Derulo shamelessly (I, for one, am guilty), or give it a go this season and embrace it. 

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  1. hey maddie, it's hanna (sophy?)'s friend nina - i read your blog and just wanted to say i'm kind of on your page with this. i've always totally despised the thought of socks and sandals, but while i was flipping through slideshows on my ipod touch at work the other day, there they were, ruining outfits at the alexander wang show. i agree that i like that designers are exploring function and boundaries, but this is too far for me - i am so not engaging in the sock and sandal trend. just cannot bring myself to do it :)