Thursday, February 25, 2010

In your opinion, not mine

In short, my art history class is kick-ass. Every time I leave that class room my brain is going 1000 mph trying to a) figure out what the hell I just learned and b) realizing what I just learned relates to everything. Right now we are studying Neo-Dadaism, i.e. Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, Mimmo, and Jacques Villegle, which completely twists everything from Abstract Expressionism.

Rue de la Biche, Saint Dennis (1963)
Jacques Villegle

Photo: Artnet
Target with Plaster Casts (1955)
Jasper Johns

Photo: The Public Interest
Rebus (1955)
Robert Rauschenberg

Don't worry, this isn't an art history lesson, but I do want to look at the motives behind Nouveau Realisme/Neo-Dada. The art is about the viewer and their journey disecting the crypticism in the works. In an Jasper Johns interview I read, he made it clear that it wasn't important what meaning he found in his works, he was more interested in the meaning the people looking at his work discovered.

So, after class, because this is just how my brain works, I immediately started to think about fashion and trying to figure out if this related to the industry or not. Do designers reserve their relationships with a collection for the intrigue in what the audience has to say? Or is it a melding of the two? With fashion I find that a designer is presenting the products of their creativity with the notion they will recieve feedback, and with the intent of explaining their vision, as well. Does the removal of explaination of the designers narrative nullify their creative process? Could this work in the fashion industry?

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