Monday, February 15, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year

LONGPOSTLONGPOSTLONGPOST! Take it in little bites if you must.

Let's be honest, Christmahanukwanzikah was great, but Fashion Week is the gift that keeps on giving. 

I mean this kid is no where near up to par with my excitement, but I guess this will suffice:

At this point, I don't think there is a website I visit that doesn't acknowledge the fact that it is fashion week. There are two parts to this. I love that designers are getting the recognition they deserve, but it brings up the larger issue of quality of content. I'm not talking about if Alexander Wang's collection is good or not, I'm talking about who is saying if it's good or not. How credible are the people writing reviews for shows? An even bigger issue is that we are at a point, thanks to the internet, where anyone can have a say and make their opinion known, so does credibility even matter anymore? For this very reason, I will not be reviewing the shows.

With looking at opinions comes an conscious or unconscious alteration of our ability to view things in their purest form. Of course I have my opinions of what I like or loathe, but I don't need to impair other peoples thoughts. I try my hardest not to read reviews before looking at a collection so I can form my own opinions and make my own connections without the words of someone else conflicting with mine.

In other news!:

Minus the fact I sound like a chain-smoking 13 year old boy right now due to an unexpected cold, this past weekend was great. On Thursday, I took advantage of my massive chunk of free time and went to Providence to the RISD museum. At my school, unfortunately, we do not have an on campus art museum, so getting to see fantastic art on a weekday was a great privilege. I have an art history assignment on a specific Rothko piece at the museum, so I needed to check it out anyway. My assigned Rothko (which I learned was featured on Mad Men!):
RISD Museum

This reproduction does not do the painting justice, but it was great to see one of my favorites in person. Although museum is small, they have an incredibly concise and well curated collection. Along with a Warhol, Kelly, Reinhardt, and Twombly there were some of my favorite pieces of furniture.

Let me just say, I probably got more excited about a chair as an 11 year-old than most people do...ever. My mom is an interior designer, so along with family vacations that revolved around visiting many famous homes, I developed a minor obsession with furniture, specifically chairs. I remember begging my mom to save a set of Herman Miller chairs from being thrown away in our old synagogue with the same passion as a kid begging to keep a kitten. After a book about Charles and Ray Eames was given to me, it was really downhill from there. Without a doubt, I admire their work more than any other designer (furniture/textile that is). 

I guess you can imagine my excitement when I spotted their molded plywood leg splint and an original DCW chair.

click image to make larger

One last thing..

I colored my hair! Okay, so as a 19 year-old its not a huge deal to change the color of your hair, but as a girl who only dabbled with blonde highlights as a 7th grader, I was sort of freaking out. Naturally, I'm a brunette, but for a couple of months I have wanted to go a little redder. I wanted to keep the same tone but just liven up the hue, so I settled with a dark auburn, and I'm very pleased:

Ignore my stupid expression and my friend about to attack me. 
I have more to say! But this post is even getting too long for me, so I will update soon!


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  2. Thank you! I would love to link to your blog, you post some great things. Also, thank you for the love and link!