Tuesday, February 9, 2010

There might be 28 inches of snow at home but...

For some miraculous reason, I was not caught in New York this weekend due to the insane weather in Philly, which I thought for sure would make it up the the Empire State. Right now, I am not in a position where I can write a full fledged post, mostly because I have an 80 page Kirk Varnedoe article on Jackson Pollock waiting for me along with memorizing Medieval French poetry, but I read a quote this morning that was of interest. I posted a couple weeks ago in response to Christina Binkley's article on the death of the trend. I discussed how the industry is congested and needs a cleanse--Donna Karan seems to agree:

“We need fashion shows, but that’s industry, it’s not for the general public,” she continues. “All the communication has to stop. It doesn’t go out on the wire, it doesn’t go out on the Internet, it doesn’t get out for the manufacturers to copy the designs. I mean, we’re killing our own industry. There’s too much information going out there. We have to learn the word restriction.”


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