Friday, February 26, 2010

The Tailoring Conundrum

I came home this weekend to work on applications (I just don't understand why everyone doesn't want to transfer for the pure thrill of filling out the Common App again) and, more importantly eat awesome food.

Each time I return to my room, I can't help but try on everything in my closet for hours. As a vintage lover and collector, I have accumulated a small museum, and always ask myself, "Why don't you wear this all the time?" I soon realize there are details in the pieces that deter me from wearing these pieces regularly, such as hemlines or sleeve length. Here is my issue:

Do I take these items to a tailor to edit them into pieces I would wear all the time or do I not touch them because by changing them they lose the integrity of vintage and the details that capture their time?

I find this problem in current clothing as well. For example, the dress I wore to prom last year. I found an incredible Escada gown from S/S '08, but the train was too long for the event. It pained me to chop off a good 5 inches so I could dance and not get stepped on, and when I try it on now, I feel like a part of it is missing that once complimented the draping in the back so beautifully.

Here is a really small picture of my dress, unfortunately my camera is back at school.
Escada Draped Bodice Gown

Your thoughts?


  1. That's a tough one. I leave my old 30s pieces and couture alone. The rest I alter or just wear as is - 70s collar and all. A few years ago I thought I'd step out my locale with a group of girls - whom I'd just recently met - to see 'Nearly Neil', our local Neil Diamond impersonator, I was wearing one of my favourite dresses that I hadn't altered - half way through the evening I was approached by a guy dressed like a 70s pimp who said 'Heeeyyy looks like we shop at the same store.' Nice. There's a reason I don't usually step out of my locale.

  2. hi! I added you to my blog list and am following you now. thank for stopping by The Flip Side. As for your conundrum on tailoring vintage pieces - I'm all for it! I love collecting vintage items and giving it a new life. i like to think that otherwise, it might have gone unloved :)